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Reflection Series - What A Year!

As we wrap up the second season of Teeth Talk Radio, I wanted to take a look back and remember the amazing guests that joined me this year. As we changed directions with the podcast content for 2021, I was so incredibly amazed at the people who helped make this podcast what it is by lending their time and wisdom to it. This truly was an amazing year and I encourage you to go back and listen to these amazing episodes. Thank you so much for your support! Happy New Year!

Thinking Ahead

As dentists, we face an enormous amount of stress on a daily basis. One of those stresses for private practice owners is a financial one. Knowing that, are we doing what we need to prepare for not only retirement, but for twists and turns that may happen in our practice life along the way? Dr. Charles Dingman from Dingman Wealth Strategies knows this story all too well, as a personal tragedy led him to a complete change of direction in his life. He has a lot to share with us on how to "think ahead".

Cosmetic Confidence

There has been an increase in demand for cosmetic dental procedures over the last decade, and with the amazing tools of technology and materials available to dentists today, there's never been a better time to incorporate these procedures into our practices! But how exactly should we do this? One of the leading cosmetic dentists practicing today, Dr. Tejas Patel, gives us some insight on how to confidently make cosmetic dentistry a part of your practice and how to effectively market it to your patients.

Reflection Series - Thankful Thoughts

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is important to truly be thankful. However, in our modern busy and chaotic reality, often times we forget to. Or even worse, because of our circumstances, choose not to. Listen to some helpful tips I've learned through my own experiences that can help you to become more thankful. Every day.

A Team Approach

Everywhere you look, businesses are struggling...not only to keep up with demands, but to hire and retain employees and team members. Dentistry is no different. How do we find the right people? How do we retain those people? Our culture makes all the difference in doing all of this correctly. Dr. David Rice joins us to share some valuable insight and wisdom on how to do just that.

Reflection Series - Technology Time

I have always been a huge fan of technology, and also have always looked for ways to implement it into my practice. A few solutions we've added over the last decade have made a huge difference to our workflow and I am so happy to have added them.

What‘s Up With Apnea?

One of the most prevalent areas in dentistry, but sadly overlooked, is obstructive sleep apnea and the the conditions and complications associated with it. How do we tackle this? Knowing that there are so many people who not only struggle with apnea, but also bruxism, migraines, sleep disorders, and not to mention tooth fractures because of it, we truly need to educate ourselves and learn ways to help our patients! Dr. Dave Shirazi joins us to discuss this very thing!

Defining Success

Our success as dentists and dental business owners can be defined in many different ways. What can we do to make sure we are on the path to success? What does a successful practice even look like? Morgan Hamon, CPA joins us to discuss many different ways in which we can make our practices better.

Reflection Series - Chaos, Courage, and Community

Dentist business owners are a special breed. Not only do we need to clinically take care of our patients, we need to lead our teams and also make good financial decisions that will sustain the health of our practices. Sometimes, our businesses get the best of us. So amidst the craziness, do we have what it takes to do all of those things well?

Strategize Your SEO

In this digital age, not only is it very helpful to develop a good online marketing strategy, it is vital. Steve Wiideman from Wiideman Consulting Group is here to give us not only an extremely helpful list of things to consider in our digital marketing plan, but how to implement them as well.

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